Cell Phone Repairs Houston TX
We fix a wide variety of problems with iPhones, Samsungs, HTC, LG, Motorola, Huawei, and most other popular smart phones.
  • Screen replacement
    Did you crack your iPhone screen?
  • Water damage
    Did you drop your phone in the water?
  • Buttons not working 
    Are the buttons not working?
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Some of the services we provide
  • Screen Repair/Replace: This is one of the most common cell phone repairs that we do. If your cell phone screen is shattered, we can replace the screen for you.
  • Water Damage: This is another very common problem. Cell phones have a way of finding water. If you've dropped it in your soup, lake, tub, toilet or other body of water, bring it in.
  • General Diagnostics: Is your phone just not acting right and your not sure what the problem is? Let us run our diagnostics test to find what might be the problem.
  •  Battery Replacement: Is you battery not holding a charge, or draining too quickly. Maybe you need a replacement. We can do that for you.
  •  Camera and Lense Repair: Sometimes dirt or dust gets inside the lens of your cell phone camera, causing every picture you take to have an annoying dot or line. If the lens gets a scratch, you'll have smudged photos. Bring it in and we'll fix your phone camera problems.
  • Unlocking Service: If you are switching to another service provider, you may need your phone to be unlocked by your old service provider. Bring it to us before you switch, so you won't be stuck without service on your cell phone.
  • Home/Power Button Replacement: Because the HOME and POWER buttons are pushed so often, they are commonly the first to fail. Our service technicians can fix/replace any damaged buttons on your cell phone.
  • Headphone Port/Charging Port Repair: Is the sound in your headphones scratchy, intermittently dropping out, or only in one ear? Did you plug in your phone at night only to find it didn't charge all night? We can fix port problems with your cell phone.
  •  Audio/Speaker Repair: These days, our phones serve as more than just a phone. They are our radio, MP3 player, alarm clock and TV as well. If the speaker goes out, those vital functions don't work.
Houston's Choice For Cell Phone Repair & Service
Quality, guaranteed service and repair
We use authentic parts to make sure your problem is resolved, and not introduce new problems. Is your cell phone barely clinging on to dear life? Do you need a new one? Maybe not! We may be able to make your phone look and operate like new.
Mobile phones have become as important to our daily lives 
as our car, purse or your lunch! You wouldn't drive around with a shattered windshield, or without eating a breakfast or lunch, so why settle for a broken phone? Whether you use your phone for business or pleasure, we know you can't be without it for long, so we'll do out best to get you in and out as quickly as possible.
Do you know who is working on your phone?
There's no need to mail in your phone to some remote service center where you don't know who's doing what to your phone and personal data contained within. Who can wait that long anyway? Bring your phone to our local professionals in Houston that you can trust. We'll treat you and your phone with the highest level of courtesy and respect.
Here's What People Are Saying
"They were able to fix the screen and get me back to business in no time!"
Pete S.
"Thankfully, Cell Phone Repair Houston took care of me the same day. Was very fortunate to have them work so fast."
Red C.
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